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The software platform for large-scale EV Charging business

by Akiro


Own Branding

Cultivate robust brand visibility by offering white-label backend systems, web portals, and mobile applications tailored for both customers and partners

Business Ownership

Attain full command over your business operations, customer roster, partner network, and financial transactions

Open Innovation

Craft distinctive selling points and attain a competitive advantage through unparalleled flexibility and scalability enabled by APIs.

One Platform for any EV charging use case

Effectively oversee your network of EV charging stations, tailored to suit any business model or particular use case. Unleash boundless opportunities with our comprehensive software solution designed to accommodate all EV charging scenarios, whether public, private, workplace, fleet, or residential charging.

Emphasize revenue growth, implement strategic business initiatives, and provide outstanding customer service. Extend into new markets, cater to diverse use cases, and handle a growing volume of charging sessions seamlessly with our scalable software designed to foster ongoing expansion.


Optimize your business operations using a robust backend platform

Charge Point Management

Reservations & Authorizations Transactions
OCPP - 1.5, 1.6 

Tariff Management

Comprehensive tariffs engine 
Tariff rules & restrictions 
Subscription plans 

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & analytics 
Aggregated dashboards 
Real time and historical data exports

User Management

Billing & invoicing 
User invites & Permissions 
User groups & segmentation

Business Operations

Audit log 
Different admin roles

Energy Management

Dynamic load management 
Dynamic electricity prices 
Demand- response 
Smart Charging

B2B Client Management

Fully branded web portal 
Settlement reports 
Payment collection & pay-outs 
Revenue sharing 
Electricity cost reimbursement 
Assign partner roles

Remote Maintenance

Real-time monitoring & troubleshooting 
Vendor error codes 
Firmware management 

Provide on-demand charging options through a customizable web portal

Guarantee adherence to market regulations by enabling drivers to charge at your stations effortlessly, without the need for downloading a mobile app or registering

  • Access extensive core functionality for EV charging right from the start.

  • Elevate the driver experience with personalized branding - including custom logos, colours, icons, and more. 

  • Enable payments through leading providers such as UDPI, Paytm or your chosen platform. 

  • Assist EV drivers in effortlessly finding nearby charging stations, monitoring their charging history, and bookmarking preferred stations for convenient access


Craft customized EV charging experiences using our API

Our scalable software infrastructure accommodates various business requirements. Access all platform functionalities through APIs, backed by thorough and current documentation for smooth integration and implementation.

  • Incorporate EV charging capabilities into your existing app or web portal or develop new customer-facing interfaces. 

  • Augment your current ERP, CRM, payment, and billing solutions with the necessary EV charging data. 

  • Integrate an EV charging management layer into your building or energy management system, fleet management software, and beyond.

Seamlessly manage your EV Charging network

Effectively oversee and supervise multiple chargers, remotely manage charging sessions, update firmware, and promptly resolve any issues, minimizing expenses and guaranteeing uninterrupted service. 

  • Remotely manage and monitor your charging network with instant visibility and control over charger status. 

  • Simplify monitoring with an automated alert system. Ensure charger stability and availability through our self-healing algorithms. 

  • Reduce charger downtime and enhance remote troubleshooting efficiency with vendor error code management functionality.


Enable site hosts to operate and expand their business.

  • Expand your network by collaborating with owners of charging stations and site hosts such as apartments, multi-family units, restaurants, retail, or recreation centres. 

  • Empower your hosts and their clients with personalized system access, enabling them to oversee chargers, users, and access reports through various administrative roles. 

  • Ensure transparency between you and your partners with monthly usage and revenue reports, detailing revenue generated from charging sessions.

Take control of your tariff

  • Boost your earnings and efficiently address various EV charging needs with our adaptable pricing and subscription options.

  • Tailor pricing for each customer and location with targeted tariffs based on kWh, duration, or time of day, ensuring optimal pricing strategies.

  • Differentiate pricing at a single location with tariff groups based on customer type. 

  • Customize tariffs per location or even per EVSE on your charging station. 

  • Offer customers monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans featuring fixed rates, tiered pricing, per-user, and consumption-based models.


Make data-driven decisions

  • Gain valuable data about your customers and their charging habits. Use the built-in reports and analytics to help you find growth areas and eliminate inefficiencies.

  • Track key metrics such as total revenue, energy consumption, and customer acquisition 

  • Use real-time dashboards to see the status of your network immediately 

  • Get actionable insights into charger status, charging patterns, and energy consumption with extensive analytics and reporting 

Generate extra-income through home charging

  • Harness an EV charging management platform capable of overseeing home, workplace, and public charging, expanding your clientele. 

  • Address diverse needs, from fleet operators seeking economical workplace and home charging options to property managers requiring efficient grid management and tenant billing solutions. 

  • Provide customers with a comprehensive charging experience. 

  • Optimize savings for customers through intelligent scheduling that capitalizes on off-peak electricity rates. 

  • Facilitate reimbursement for employees charging company electric vehicles at home. 

  • Monitor energy consumption and bill tenants for their EV charging in multi-family buildings.


Effectively oversee the available on-site power

  • Deploy multiple charging stations at a site with constrained power capacity. 

  • Advanced algorithms guarantee efficient charging by giving priority to subscribers over ad-hoc users, thereby creating supplementary incentives 

  • Achieve optimal allocation of the available power capacity to all connected chargers without requiring expensive infrastructure enhancements.

  • Explore possibilities for intelligent prioritization of charging speeds per customer and manage load limits through API integration.

Expand both vertically & horizontally

  • Our system is cloud agnostic with a scalable multi-tenant architecture, allowing all services to scale both horizontally and vertically as needed. 

  • Easily integrate new components into your system to facilitate expansion and operational efficiency. 

  • Guarantee high availability and minimal downtime for users through a scalable cloud architecture that optimizes hosting infrastructure costs. 

  • Connect an unlimited number of chargers and pay only for what you use, leading to improved scalability and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Effortlessly update the system with new features without disrupting operations or user experience.


Our Clients

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business using IoT?

Modern, scalable, reliable, automated, rapid deployment, efficient, low-code & maintenance. 

Only with Akiro.

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