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Dive Into the New Age of 5G Accelerated IIoT and CIoT Solutions

Our use cases:

BMS - Battery Management System

Tap into the surging EV industry   •   Automatic asset discovery

Realtime analytics and control   •   Remote network element control

5G Connected vehicle   •   Low-code, scalable platform

Healthcare Sensors

Remote real-time health monitoring  •  Assistive diagnosis via visualizations
Provide alerts to patients and doctors   •   Smart automations with formulated triggers


Smart Aquafarming Solutions   •   Live Analytics
Water and feed management through low-code automation

Connected Vehicles

Acquire telematics data at high frequency   •   Safety & Monitoring
Realtime vehicle tracking   •  Geofencing to protect from theft   •   Telematics Analytics

EV Charging Infrastructure Unit

Remote monitoring & management   •   Real-time analytics

Automatic energy saving based on activity   •   Adaptive energy allocation & re-routing

FFT - Field Force Tracking

Real-time tracking   •   Daily Reports  •   Visitation Analytics   •   Value to your business

Improve beat plan efficiency  •   History tracking and activity logging



Smart Meters

Remote monitoring & management   •   Automatic energy saving based on activity

Real time analytics   •   Monitor Energy Demand Pattern and detect anomaly



We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Modern, scalable, reliable, automated, rapid deployment, efficient, low-code & maintenance. 

Only with Akiro.

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