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Messaging for

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Messaging Core

Messaging for IoT catering to all needs from Industrial IoT to consumer oriented IoT.

Consumer market is seeing a sudden surge in scale of connected devices.

Seamlessly scale your IoT business and pay for connections, not messages. 

10s of Millions of devices

Billions of messages

Most reliable communication even in flaky networks

Support all popular IoT communication

Integrations to
3rd party databases

IIoT -
Redefine legacy IIoT integrations

Simplify your IIoT integrations with Akiro's light weight platform. 

Advanced analytics

Auto discovery

Integrate into Historian

User events and alerts

Simple self serve customisations, improving agility

Security -
Be more secure than ever

Prevent rogue devices from bringing your server down. 

Quota Management

Whitelisting and blacklisting

Flag unusual behaviour of your device communication

Integrations to LDAP etc

X509 certification





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