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Battery Management System

by Akiro

Energy mobility in Electrical vehicles require larger battery capacity that can last for longer
distance and duration. To provide high-capacity battery, scalable battery pack architecture is required to be used. Battery Management System (BMS) is the key electronic device that helps manage the scalable battery packs during charging and discharging. BMS provide algorithm to optimize State-of-health (SoH) and State-of-Charge (SoC) keeping account and managing the aging, temperature and impedance of individual cells. 

Key parameters for tracking and controlling are charge cycles, cell impedance, cell balancing, thermal management, create a variable current profile to manage impedance (Current & Impedance Vs. Time). 

To support fast growing battery charging infrastructure, BMS is required to be equipped with IoT controllers with GPS to provide cloud connectivity and location information. There are several solution providers that are taking advantage of this paradigm shift and accordingly developing energy mobility solutions for the EV infrastructures. 

Akiro IoT Platform is fully equipped to manage and integrate batteries infra use cases with EV Infrastructure.

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Akiro allows users to easily onboard various type of batteries from different manufacturers. Akiro provides MQTT, Webhooks and TCP/IP connectivity protocols through which BMS will be able to onboard and exchange data reliably and securely in real-time.


Large companies can implement asset management and user management schema as per their needs so that batteries data can be ingested to support diverse business strategies that is useful not only for onboarding of new batteries but also to categorize and prioritize the data for tracking and improving operational efficiency. 

Akiro is capable of ingesting data from millions of devices simultaneously.

Preprocessing, Alerting and Monitoring

Akiro’s low code solutions allow multiple parameters to be analyzed without needing to have deep programming and IT skills. It allows users to create rules on the charge levels, charge cycle, impedance, temperature history to generate Alert/ trigger in case of an anomaly such as battery charge degradation, battery needing immediate attention, unexpected rise in temperature or any BMS generated malfunction notifications with ease. One can monitor the battery status and send SMS, Email alert to the ground operations team or to the customer to take necessary action and raise a red flag at the necessary levels.


It is also possible to apply as complex as machine learning algorithms to detect defects and patterns.


Akiro provides configurable analytics dashboard to plot the graphs for the Battery and BMS parameters that need to be monitored, make prediction to ensure business continuity. e.g. plan/predict cost, capacity, charging time and distance performance, repair, replace, purchase time. Track and monitor these parameters for a particular city, region, state. Track and monitor them for battery sourcing and partner operators. 

Akiro makes data driven decisions in large deployments easy by analyzing different kinds of data by experimenting with various trend lines and graphs. A user can also arrange the various charts on the screen to keep the essential metrics on the top that need regular monitoring.


Akiro platform also provides sophisticated reporting generation methods and APIs to send them to alternative destinations that takes just a few minutes to be created.

Asset Auto Discovery

●   Helps in auto-discovery of BMS and the associated sub-modules or sensors in a tiered fashion

●   Ability to capture characteristics at battery-pack's level, sensor level, BMS asset inventory.

Secure Scalable Messaging

●   Support 2G and 4G gateway with CAN interface

●   Reliable exchange of data

●   Scale seamlessly as you add new BMS and battery packs.

Low-code acceleration

●   Status/health indications  by  monitoring various parameters like tracking charge levels, charge cycle, impedance, temperature history at individual cell level or based on their hierarchical location within BMS/battery pack architecture.

●   Make predictions to ensure smooth operation – define thresholds and rules to monitor and control the battery health and battery charge state.

●   Generate alerts in real time and send alerts to operations team when the charging cycle values are not smooth, and send alerts to customers and 3rd party devices


●   Generate insights to ensure business continuity 

●   Make evaluation at individual cell level, BMS level, factory level, city level, company/customer/department level.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business using IoT?

Modern, scalable, reliable, automated, rapid deployment, efficient, low-code & maintenance. 

Only with Akiro.

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