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Operational Intelligence
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Predictive Operations

Plugging Revenue Leakages

Power of Integrations

Agility for Experimentation

Better Customer Experiences

Akiro helps you predict failures before they happen

3 steps to analyze and predict with Akiro low code 

Akiro edge & cloud experts make it easy to collect, analyze and derive intelligence from your IoT data

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Akiro Viteon

Realtime Data collection

Asset management & hierarchy

Asset monitoring & Alerting

Device Diagnostics

Insights & Dashboards


Akiro Instincts





Predictive insights

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Akiro enables EV charging, EV ecosystem with predictive maintenance,and telematics. Akiro Battery Management detects the irregular patterns in the cells & batteries and predicts failures before they happen

60 %

60 %

Saved on Capex costs

Saved on Capex costs

10 +

10 +

Customers & Partners

Customers & Partners

31 %

31 %

Decrease in operational issues

Decrease in operational issues

4 x

4 x

Competitive Efficiency

Competitive Efficiency

3 x

3 x

Faster GTM

Faster GTM

- Our Striking Features • We Take Pride in Our Numbers -

Superior Performance

Superior performance, ability to operate in low bandwidth scenarios and more than 20 Million device connections.

Multi Protocol Support

Multiple open protocols support including MQTT, Websockets, TCP, HTTP, Apple's APNs, Google's FCM.

Low Operating Costs

Due to its low infrastructure cost and maintenance, Akiro can reduce the operating cost of your connectivity needs upto 60%.

Plug and Play

Akiro platform is virtualizing the messaging infrastructure through APIs and open protocols which makes it easy to integrate with any enterprise system.

Any Cloud

Akiro allows you to deploy the platform to any cloud that can be public, private and hybrid also support on-premise installation

Secure, Scalable and Reliable

Support various layers of security, highly scalable and reliable messaging, gives the flexibility to set various delivery guarantees to messages.

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your IoT Business?

Modern, scalable, reliable, automated, rapid deployment, efficient, low-code & maintenance. 

Only with Akiro.

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