The 5G IoT era is here
and we enable it.

Quickly build large scale streaming and connected applications. 

•   Enhance your customer experience by reducing customer churn by more than 15%. 

•   Improve the operational efficiency by 20%

•   Seamlessly scale the business with increasing number of devices with

     low latency, zero downtimes, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures. 

•   We also offer secure end-to-end environments from ingestion to reporting.

Build your IoT and MQTT applications in no time!

✔   4X Lower infrastructure for Millions of devices

So low, that you would be surprised.

✔   60% Total Cost of ownership (TCO) Reduction

Low hardware footprint and even lower maintenance. 

✔   <10ms Message delivery time

Ultra fast reliable delivery even at peak loads. 

✔   Compliance 3.1.1

✔   Low code

✔   Secure & Scalable

✔   Reliable

✔   Only messaging core leveraging Kafka

✔   Real Time Analytics & Anomaly detection

✔   Readily available distributed storage

Akiro fosters business innovation through its low-code accelerators, real-time insights and monitoring

Akiro has proven to be upto 400% more efficient and cost-effective from the competition, saving you tons of headroom for the other needs. 

Let your data take your business to higher grounds

Quick onboarding of devices, data acquisition from multiple sources, high reliability and seamlessness provide

best-in-industry efficiency. 

With such a good starting point, you save both time & budget. 

✔   Simply redirect to our APIs

✔   Realtime streaming of sensor data

✔   The only optimal 10 million cluster
✔   Highly scalable, reliable and consistent
✔   Support both communication and

      application protocols

✔   Ready downstream integrations
✔   Bidirectional & Secure

✔   Quota Management
✔   Leveraging Kafka

Reduce churn by more than 15% and enforce fail-proof cybersecurity and data protection. Go further with Akiro thanks to our robust and reliable services. 

✔   Build instant dashboards that the

      customer needs
✔   Bring operational efficiency
✔   Highly customizable visualization
✔   Ready exports

Build and deploy at breakneck speeds with our low-code platform. 

Less need for technical setup gets your started much faster! 

✔   Realtime pipelines made easy
✔   Both API and UI support
✔   Parse, process, act and notify
✔   Mathematical functions, aggregations
✔   Real Time monitoring
✔   Ready & diverse notification endpoint



Save cost without compromising unprecedented velocity & impeccable reliability 

With a million connected devices publishing data every 30 seconds, this is how much you can expect to save.

With almost 60% less costs, you have more budget for your business operations!

- Our Striking Features • We Take Pride in Our Numbers -

Superior Performance

Superior performance, ability to operate in low bandwidth scenarios and more than 20 Million device connections.

Multi Protocol Support

Multiple open protocols support including MQTT, Websockets, TCP, HTTP, Apple's APNs, Google's FCM.

Low Operating Costs

Due to its low infrastructure cost and maintenance, Akiro can reduce the operating cost of your connectivity needs upto 60%.

Plug and Play

Akiro platform is virtualizing the messaging infrastructure through APIs and open protocols which makes it easy to integrate with any enterprise system.

Any Cloud

Akiro allows you to deploy the platform to any cloud that can be public, private and hybrid also support on-premise installation

Secure, Scalable and Reliable

Support various layers of security, highly scalable and reliable messaging, gives the flexibility to set various delivery guarantees to messages.


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your IoT Business?

Modern, scalable, reliable, automated, rapid deployment, efficient, low-code & maintenance. 

Only with Akiro.